Tower Protek

Lolium arundinaceum

Tower is a unique grass that overcomes the limitations often found with perennial ryegrass.  

Tower is a soft and palatable grass, that animals prefer to eat over ryegrass at trial sites.  This makes Tower easy to manage and results in excellent animal performance in beef cattle, lambs, and dairy cows.  So you get all the things you would like from a good perennial ryegrass, but you also get much better drought tolerance and persistence.  

The drought tolerance and autumn/winter recovery come from its deep and large root system (over 1 metre), and Tower Protek is tolerant of all insects known to have significant impact on ryegrass, including; grass grub, porina, black beetle, Argentine stem weevil and root aphid.

Tower is suited to all fertile soils in New Zealand, and even has better tolerance of wet soils and flooding than ryegrass, and soils are less likely to get pugged once it is fullt established.

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Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Autumn Growth
  • Palatable and easy to graze.
  • Persistent.
  • Productive, even in dry conditions.
  • Tolerant to grass grub, porina, black beetle and other insects.