A World of Seed Innovation, Right Here!

DLF Seeds is a relatively new seed company in New Zealand, recently established in 2004. It is owned by DLF, a Danish farmer’s cooperative which began in 1906 and is the world’s largest seed company involved in the breeding, production and sale of temperate grass and clover species, and fodder beet.

DLF Seeds uniquely combines access to the world’s largest research programme in forage species, with a world-class plant breeding and testing programme based in New Zealand. This allows DLF Seeds to test the latest plant material and associated technology from around the world, and decide whether they add value to New Zealand’s unique climates and farm systems.

At the same time, the New Zealand breeding programme also utilises the best local plant genetics available, often crossing with elite international plants, to produce cultivars that improve productivity in our conditions. This makes our motto very appropriate, “A world of seed innovation, right here”.