Case Studies

The Good Seed

Hear what farmers have to say in this series of short videos where they talk about their real experiences with DLF cultivars. 

Tony Buckingham

Tony has been using Perun festulolium to finish lambs on his Southland farm.  Click on the photo above to watch a short video and hear directly from Tony about how Perun can improve animal production on your farm.  For more information on Perun, click here.


Peter Risi

24Seven perennial ryegrass, Cambridge.

Peter is one of the first farmers to use 24Seven perennial ryegrass, and after several years of monitoring its performance, is pleased to share his experience with other farmers. Click on the photo above to view the video.

For more information on 24Seven, click here.

Chris Reymer

Jivet annual ryegrass, Waikato.

Chris has grown and harvested many Jivet crops, and explains why it is the best annual ryegrass to grow.  Click the photo above to view the video.

For more information on Jivet, click here.

Mark Oliver

Perun, Taupo

Within four months of sowing Perun Festulolium on his volcanic plateau property, Mark knew he was onto something.

Learn more about Perun festulolium 

Jon McLennan

Jeta, Wairarapa

Jon needed a grass to produce bulk winter feed and persist well into spring.

Learn more about Jeta long-rotation ryegrass

Garry Brady

24 Seven perennial ryegrass, Hawke’s Bay

Sheer volume of high energy feed kept Garry’s lambs alive during a

week-long southerly front in 2015.

Learn more about 24Seven Perennial Ryegrass

Ben Absolom

Tower tall fescue, Hawke’s Bay

Ben has revolutionised his summer dry sheep and beef finishing operation with Tower Tall Fescue.

Learn more about Tower tall fescue