Novel endophyte

Edge is a novel endophyte discovered in ryegrass and inoculated into several ryegrass cultivars.   It has been tested and proven by independent scientists to provide tolerance to black beetle and Argentine stem weevil (ASW), as well as root aphid and pasture mealy bug.  This means that ryegrass cultivars with Edge have good insect tolerance and persistence throughout the country, including the northern North Island.   Edge has also been tested by independent scientists to confirm that it does not cause ryegrass staggers and does not affect animal performance.

Edge is available in 24Seven perennial ryegrass, Jeta long-rotation ryegrass and the festulolium Perseus.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Argentine Stem Weevil
Black Beetle
Root Aphid
Pasture Mealy Bug

Provides tolerance to;

  • Black beetle
  • Argentine stem weevil
  • Root aphid
  • Pasture mealy bug

Animal Safety;

  • No Ryegrass Staggers
  • No Loss of Performance