High Animal and Pasture Performance Endophyte

Happe is a breakthrough technology that many farmers will benefit from.  It was discovered in a meadow fescue plant and successfully transferred by DLF scientists into ryegrass plants.  Happe produces substances called lolines, which have a powerful effect on many insects.  Independent research has proved that Happe provides tolerance to the same insects as Edge, but also to porina (see table below).

Happe has been tested by independent scientists to confirm that it does not cause ryegrass staggers and does not affect animal performance.

Happe has been tested throughout the country with great success.  One of the trials highlighted the advantage of Happe, when it improved production by an average of 21% in five different cultivars from December to May.

Happe is available in the perennial ryegrasses Ansa and Bronte and the festulolium Perun.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Argentine Stem Weevil
Black Beetle
Root Aphid
Pasture Mealy Bug

Provides tolerance to;

  • Black beetle
  • Porina
  • Argentine stem weevil
  • Root aphid
  • Pasture mealy bug