Fodder Beet

Lifting Type

Enermax was bred specifically for farmers wanting to lift, store and feed fodder beet to animals. It produces bulbs with consistent size and height, and high DM% to reduce transport costs and prolong storage life.

A key advantage of Enermax is the low amount of dirt attached to bulbs, which reduces transport costs and increases feed value.

Farmers have experimented with Enermax and found it is also successful for grazing with cattle.  Palatability is good, and utilisation is similar to medium dry matter beet crops where the crop yield is greater than 20 t DM/ha and either adult cattle or R2 cattle are to be grazed.  If it is to be grazed we recommend a reduced sowing rate, e.g. 70 to 80,000 seeds/ha.

Enermax is a modern mono-germ hybrid variety with high quality seed for consistent establishment.

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Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Grazing Suitability
  • The best choice for lifting
  • Clean bulbs
  • High drymatter bulbs (19-12%)
  • High yields
  • Uniform height
  • Good storage ability