Bronte Happe

Perennial ryegrass

Late-heading diploid perennial

BronteHappe is one of the first perennial ryegrasses from DLF Seeds New Zealand plant breeders, and is suited to all regions of New Zealand.  The novel endophyte Happe provides this grass with protection from black beetle, porina, Argentine stem weevil (ASW), pasture mealy bug and root aphid, without affecting animal production or health. 

Bronte has been bred from persistent plants and has a relatively high tiller density and fine leaf for a productive ryegrass. This gives Bronte very good tolerance to grazing, an important characteristic for persistence, and makes it suitable for a wide range of grazing styles and animal types.  It also has unusually strong cool-season growth for such a late heading date (see graph below). The combination with Happe endophyte make this cultivar one of the best choices for maximising pasture persistence. Read more about Happe here.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Early Spring Growth
Late Heading Date
  • Good annual production
  • Good winter growth
  • Strong tolerance to many insects (e.g. black beetle, porina and ASW)
  • Late heading date (+21 days)
  • Excellent animal performance and safety