19 .Feb.2018

24Seven Gets 5-stars

24Seven perennial ryegrass has achieved a 5-star rating in two important regions.

24Seven perennial ryegrass has performed very well in a series of independent trials, achieving the maximum five-star rating in the upper North Island and upper South Island regions in the most recent update (February 2018) of the Forage Value Index (FVI) - click here for the link.

This validates earlier research in long-term trials by DLF Seeds that showed 24Seven to be a standout for both production and persistence.

24Seven is a diploid cultivar bred in New Zealand under harsh conditions and chosen for high density and ground cover.  This helps pastures tolerate periods of close grazing that commonly occur during dry summers.  Their recovery in autumn and strong ground cover reduce the invasion of winter and summer weeds.  The benefits of these features have been proven in many pastures sown with these cultivars that have exceeded a three-year lifespan with honours.

Endophyte is important for persistence, especially in most regions, by reducing one of the stresses placed on ryegrass plants – insect feeding.  24Seven is available with Edge endophyte, which is proved by independent scientists to enhance protection of plants from insects, including the most damaging ones, black beetle and Argentine stem weevil (ASW).  

This is one of the reasons 24Seven Edge is perfectly suited to the upper North Island, as well as other regions.  Edge has been tested to confirm it is safe for animals, with no ryegrass staggers or changes to body temperature.

Another benefit of 24Seven Edge for many farmers is its very late heading date.  It will not start producing any stem until very late spring, 24 days later than mid-heading cultivars.  Despite the late heading date, its early spring production is still very good, as confirmed by the FVI ratings, which take into account the higher value of feed at these times of the year.

The combination of positive results from on-farm use and strong performance in independent trials means farmers can be confident 24Seven is the right choice for new perennial pastures.

24Seven Edge is highly recommended for all high-performance farm types, including dairy farms, where its tolerance to insects and grazing will be greatly appreciated.