21 .Feb.2018

The Ultimate All-rounder

Farmers keen on feed quality and animal performance should consider Perun with Happe.

Perun Happe is a new combination first released in 2017 that has proven to have a perfect fit in many pasture situations, making it a great all-rounder.

Perun is a festulolium, a hybrid between Italian ryegrass and meadow fescue, providing a combination of fast establishment and improved persistence, as well as palatability and animal performance.  

Perun first came to prominence on sheep and beef farms in the South Island where farmers reported Perun was more palatable to animals than ryegrass, with better summer tolerance and production.  

Beef cattle also grow quickly on Perun due to higher daily intake and feed quality, but with less scouring than occurs when animals are on ryegrass pastures.  Some farmers have reported improved grading and prices from cattle finished on Perun.

Dairy farmers in Otago have also noted that milk production increases when cows move across Perun paddocks, and when they are given a choice between that and tetraploid ryegrass they eat Perun to the ground first.

The Perun seed used in the past did not have an endophyte, so it was not suitable for the regions that suffer from high insect pressure (e.g. Waikato), but this has all changed with the addition of Happe endophyte <Read More on Happe> in the seed.  This makes it perfectly suited to all environments.  Perun Happe works brilliantly under sown into older ryegrass pastures in the autumn, or used as a new pasture, with persistence similar to most ryegrass pastures.  

A perfect example of this can be seen in the photo below.  Taken in late winter near Te Awamutu, it shows where Perun Happe had been drilled into older pasture in autumn (left) with wonderful growth, but where the drill ran out of seed (right) highlighted the gain that had been made using Perun Happe.

<Read more about Perun>