A grazing trial and a lifting-type trial were conducted in Canterbury in the 2015-16 season.  Results are lower in this page;

a)  Canterbury grazing trial

A trial was established on 11 October 2015 to compare varieties of beet intended for grazing. It was located on a farm near Seafield, Canterbury, on a Lismore silt loam soil. Seed was precision drilled (Kelvin Williamson) at a row spacing of 50 cm and 90,000 seeds per hectare. The paddock was irrigated by centre pivot. The trial was measured on 31 May 2016.

Mean yield across all cultivars was 25.1 t DM/ha (Fig 1), with a bulb to top ratio of 87:13. Bulb dry matter content was 1.5% points higher than the average of all DLF trials conducted to date.
Figure 1.  Mean yield at the Canterbury grazing beet trial 2016
b)  Canterbury lifting-type trial
This was located in the same paddock as the grazing trial above.
There was no significant difference in yield. Mean total yield across all cultivars was 28 t DM/ha (Fig. 2), with a bulb to top ratio of 86:14 (an average of 24.1 t DM/ha of bulb and 3.9 leaf).
Figure 2.  Mean total yield at the Canterbury lifting beet trial 2016
The Canterbury beet trial after establishment.