The 2018 Otago trial was planted on a farm 10 km north-east of Tapanui on a Crookstone silt loam soil, on 30 October 2017.  Seed for all treatments was drilled at 90,000 seeds per hectare and 50 cm row spacing, with a mean established plant number of 74,000 per hectare.

16 cultivars of low and medium drymatter cultivars were compared.  The trial was measured on 9 May 2018.  There were significant differences between some cultivars (Fig. 1).  The mean yield was 24.4 t DM/ha, with a leaf to bulb ratio of 27:73.  Dry matter of bulbs was higher than long-term means (3.0% points higher).

Figure 1.  Results from the Tapanui beet trial 2018.