The 2018 Southland trial was planted on a farm 2 km west of Winton on a Makarewa clay soil, on 30 October 2017.  Seed for all treatments was drilled at 90,000 seeds per hectare and 50 cm row spacing, with a mean established plant number of 79,000 per hectare.

Growth was hindered during a 6 week dry and hot period in late summer, but the crop and trial recovered quickly after rain in March (see photos).

The trial was measured on 23 April 2018.  There were significant differences between some cultivars (Fig. 1).  The mean yield was 28 t DM/ha, with a relatively high leaf to bulb ratio (33:67), a reflection of the high health of leaf during autumn.  Dry matter of bulbs was similar to long-term means (0.8% points higher).

Figure 1.  Results from the Winton beet trial 2018.