Better forage for better yields

In 2019 the rights to produce and market all former DLF forage crop varieties throughout  Australasia were secured by Agricom, which researches, develops and markets a wide range of proprietary pasture and forage crop seeds to the agricultural industry.

Agricom’s core business is investing in the research and development of forage options, and in the advancement of endophyte technology to increase profits returned back to farmers. We have partnerships in place with Grasslands Innovation, a joint venture which includes Grasslanz Technology (a subsidiary of AgResearch). Forage crops are also sourced from external relationships via Plant & Food Research (NZ) within the Forage Innovations joint venture programme.

At Agricom we understand that there are many cultivar options currently available, so were the first to initiate grazing system trials to identify the critical link between using a product and using the right management to achieve the greatest return per-hectare. We also invest in an on-farm trial system to compare the different forage cultivars under a wide range of environments around New Zealand.

This trialling system gives them confidence in recommending the correct cultivar for each situation.

Agricom are also active participants in the independent National Forage Variety Trials (NFVT), co-ordinated by the NZ Plant Breeding and Research Association Inc, whose data contributes to the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI).

For more information freephone 0800 183 358 or click here to visit our website.