From local producer to global supplier

The development of forage grasses and legumes for pastoral farmers is our key focus and our expertise for seed development, production and marketing means we can deliver seed solutions to our customers around the world.

Our breeding and development processes identify many potential new cultivars across a range of species on an annual basis. These new lines are screened in a wide range of climatic zones for productivity, pest and disease resistance, hardiness, and persistence. Only after the best of these are identified and a further testing is undertaken, this time under grazing systems replicating on farm conditions, do we consider commercialisation.

Upon commercialisation seed production is managed by a team of agronomists working with the highly skilled seed producers. Processing and logistic capabilities built up over many years of exporting mean we can deliver seed to any corner of the globe.

For more information contact:
Stephen Bennett
International Business Development Manager
Mobile: +64 27 555 3349


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